GAME DESIGN - Art meets technology

Digital games are cultural assets. This was decided in the summer of 2008 by the German Cultural Council with the admission of the Federal Association of Computer Game Developers. Indeed, games today represent the leading medium of 10 to 25 year-olds and so-called gaming is progressively permeating many areas of the modern media landscape. Video games are the media products with the highest turnover. They are a growth market of the future with a great demand for highly qualified workers. Computer games have also become the artistic expression of a generation. Their conception and production is a demanding activity that requires the development teams to have numerous skills from disciplines such as design and computer science.

Making games - Changing sides

From consumer to producer? This degree programme qualifies you to work in a developer studio or a related area in the creative industry. We find that nothing is as exciting as creating game worlds with their rule systems and their fascinating design possibilities. The flow for the players is the complex work of the developers. In seminars and exercises, but above all in the games projects, you test and train the complete process of game creation. From the first ideas for game mechanics to world design or character design, from building the first prototypes, asset production or animations to implementation in the various engines and intensive balancing - our curriculum reflects the everyday work of developers and enables you to successfully specialise.

You will gain valuable experience in group work in the development and presentation of ideas as well as their joint implementation in interdisciplinary teams. Theory is not neglected either. Of course, you will acquire many scientific skills and organisational know-how so that innovative game concepts can be explored and succeed. In addition to the practically productive acquisition of knowledge, many of our students particularly appreciate the creative community and the lively discourse on the topic of games.