FAQ Application

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Is there a fee for taking the aptitude test?

No. The test costs you nothing. Here you can find an overview of all fees that arise during enrolment: 

Will I be invited to the examination interview even without a language certificate?

Yes, the selection committee does not check your language skills. However, you must be able to make yourself understood in German and/or English during the interview.

Can I take the examination interview and the test via the web or online?

No. You have to be on site for the interview and the test. We would like to get to know you personally and the test is only possible in our studios due to the materials required.

I would like to get advice from students. How can I get in touch?

Students are always invited to our information events to give tips and advice to those who are interested. This engagement is voluntary. Please speak to students directly at our events. We do not arrange contacts with students via email or similar.

Do I stand a chance at all in the aptitude test without any previous technical knowledge?

Yes, you can successfully complete the homework without any prior technical knowledge.  After all, the degree programme is designed to impart such knowledge.

I can't draw. Do I still have a chance?

Yes, games are not drawn! Drawing, however, is very helpful in developing games; this is conceptual drawing, not academic drawing. But: Good three-dimensional thinking and general artistic talent are always a favourable prerequisite for a degree with a designated design focus.

Does a single person decide on my homework?

No. The commission always consists of at least two professors and advisory owners. Before an application is no longer considered, the commission must decide unanimously.

Can I get feedback on my homework?

Yes and no. Before submitting your portfolio, you can get feedback and tips on your work at our public portfolio consultations. For reasons of equal treatment, individual advice from professors is not possible. Even after the aptitude test has been completed, feedback from teachers of the degree programme is not permitted. 

I am only 17 years old. Do I need a written declaration of consent from my parents to apply for a place at university?

No consent form is required for participation in the aptitude test.

I am already a bit older. Is there an age limit?

No. Our students are between 17 and 37 years old and bring a wide range of experience with them: Fresh out of school, completed an apprenticeship, dropped out of university or completed a degree and doctorate.