12 Basics

Our theme: PLAY
The teaching area of the degree programme is the conception, design and production of games, game systems and virtual reality. Students learn the entire process of games and VR development: from the initial ideas to the technical implementation and balancing of computer games. We deal with all genres from pure entertainment games, applied games to digital toys, playable environments and virtual reality. 100% Games - games are the theme of all modules!

A successful job in the games industry requires numerous hard and soft skills. Our curriculum has been designed with these requirements in mind in order to optimally prepare graduates for their professional life. The skills developed in the degree programme are also in demand in numerous other industries and fields of work.

The theoretical part of the programme enables a systematic analysis and precise conception of games and game systems. We see this as the optimal prerequisite for a reflexive practice.

Portfolio focused
During their studies, students develop an individual, analogue and digital portfolio. Qualitative work samples greatly simplify the entry into professional life.

Individual specialisation
After the basic studies (from the 3rd semester onwards), students develop an industry-specific profile. Possible specialisations with individual characteristics are (m/f). 
Game System Designer, Technical Designer, Game Artist, Game Play Programmer, VR-Developer, Level Designer, Creative Producer, ...

The students realise their projects dialogically and cooperatively in small and larger teams of two to ten people. The teachers also see themselves as a team for the joint development of the study programme.

Project Studies
We take an action-oriented approach to imparting practice-relevant expertise through experiential learning in student projects from the 1st semester onwards. The projects are accompanied by intensive coaching and interim feedback presentations.

Art & Technology
The degree programme combines artistic and technical disciplines in an exemplary way. The associated activities are perceived by the students as being of equal importance and enable holistic game design.

We show what is produced by students. At our HIVE FIVE, we present games and art works from the projects and teaching to an interested audience and industry scouts.

Experienced lecturers
Here, didactically experienced professors and lecturers with many years of professional experience in the games and entertainment industry teach. They are authors of AAA games or system developers and artists for international companies.

Research: DE:HIVE 
Professors, research assistants and students work together in interdisciplinary teams on innovative technical and conceptual solutions. Our focus is on virtual reality, augmented reality, game design, game technology, VR training systems and games for health.

Quality assurance
Our aim is to provide outstanding teaching and support for students at an international level. That is why we, as teachers, engage in a constant discourse with each other and with representatives from business and research as well as with the students.