When does my homework have to be there?

Your work results for the homework must be in the post office of the HTW Berlin on the WH campus by the 15th of Juny at the latest. The postmark of the HTW Berlin confirms that the homework has been received by the deadline. You can send the homework assignment by post or submit it in person at the mail room.

How can I package my homework?

Please label all work (sheets, notebooks, packaging etc.) with your name / address and your applicant number (you will receive this through the online application). Present your work in a folder / box / crate or something similar. Folders are accepted up to a size of DIN A 0. Boxes / cases may be a maximum of 50cm wide and deep, a maximum of 25cm high and should not weigh more than 8kg. Pack everything well, address it to the post office with the note: "Game Design Application ID #xxxx". Please do not forget the sender. For the packaging, use the standardized packages from the various shipment companies so that return shipping can be done without problems. More info about return shipping will be announced later in the application process.

Please note in the online registration that you will submit your homework by post or in person and also activate the declaration of authorship for your work there. 

Tip: It is good if the commission can read the chosen setting on the portfolio before looking at the papers. This makes us curious and sets the mood.

Which data carriers can I submit?

Please do not submit any data carriers, but use the upload function of the aptitude test portal instead. Digital and interactive papers should not exceed ten minutes in length. Digital submissions should additionally be available in an appropriately printed form.

Tip: It can always happen that the technology goes on strike. Play it safe and print out screenshots, renderings, 3D models, etc. so that we can definitely see something. 

The works are viewed for 10min each. What about board games?

Some applicants develop board games based on their setting. These games are tested extensively by a group of students before they are handed over to the commission to be tested again. For 10 minutes, the commission (4 people) deals intensively with each homework assignment. This is a lot of time, also considering that professionals can perceive and judge more quickly due to their professional experience.

Can I collect my homework again?

If you pass the aptitude test and enrol, you will receive your application in person during the first week after the start of the semester. If you have not passed the homework assignment, you or a person appointed by you can pick it up at HTW Berlin. Details and dates will be sent to all applicants via the online registration. To be able to send back your homework by mail, you need to make sure your homework is coming with postal-ready packaging. Please do not include a return label. More information on postal returns will be provided later during the application process.