Structure of the study programme

Well structured for the Bachelor Game Design

The degree programme is divided into the phases of basic studies, specialised studies and practical studies. In a total of seven semesters, we teach you a fundamental understanding of the conception and development of computer games of all genres and application areas. You also have the opportunity to train and deepen your skills in a special field of activity. This specialisation begins in the 3rd semester.

Basic studies

Get to know and try out
In the first and second semesters of your basic studies, you will get to know a wide range of different activities involved in creating games. This happens theoretically and practically in the modules: Basic Game Theory, Basic Design Theory, Basic Game Technique and Foreign Languages. On the one hand, this knowledge helps you choose your specialisation. On the other hand, you learn to interpret the work processes and the results of other activities correctly. This is also the best way to develop respect for all disciplines that together contribute to the success of a performance.

Practical-productive in the first year of study
In the first year of your studies, you will develop a maquette (a three-dimensional model) with the corresponding preparatory work, as well as a complex character design based on it. You acquire the methodical knowledge for different visualisations, from quick sketches to elaborate digital collages. In teams you develop a variety of small game prototypes, you realise small arcade games for micro-controllers as well as a 2-D game. You deal with the topic of games in a practical and theoretical way.

Professional studies

Deepen and specialise
The two project modules (Project A and Project B) in which you realise performance projects - intensively supervised by the professors - are at the centre of the specialised studies from the 3rd to 4th semester. These modules are accompanied by in-depth studies in performance technique, production studies and electives. With the help of the electives, you can now begin to deepen your desired specialisation. 

In the second year, you develop concepts for game mechanics, designs for levels, props or characters according to your profile and implement them in 3D programmes. You will use professional game engines (Unity3D, Unreal Dev Kit) to implement your game. During the subsequent balancing process, you will try to fine-tune the game. The specialised studies are made up of specialised in-depth studies (Game Technology 3, Production Studies and other electives such as Character Design, Production Design, 3D Modelling, Narration Design, Experimental Game Design) and the acquisition of practical skills and specific competences that are acquired in projects.

Practical studies

Form and professionalise
In the fifth semester, you do a specialised internship, which you carry out in a company. On the one hand, companies in Berlin are suitable for this, on the other hand, this phase can also be completed abroad. The following sixth semester can be used as a mobility window for a university semester abroad.

In the play project of the sixth semester and other electives, you will further develop your individual profile. In the module "Reflection on Play", you deepen your theoretical knowledge and your reflection skills in preparation for your Bachelor's thesis in the seventh semester.  

The Bachelor thesis consists of the practical design project (B24), the elaboration (B25) and the final exhibition with the final colloquium (B26).