Bachelor thesis

The GAME DESIGN degree programme concludes with a Bachelor's thesis on the subject area of games. As a rule, the work is started in the 7th semester. In the module Design Project (B24), a work piece is worked on, which is subsequently elaborated and documented with the Bachelor's Thesis (B25). Finally, students organise a joint exhibition (B26) to present the workpieces and the documentation to their fellow students and the public. In the context of this exhibition, the so-called defence (final colloquium) before the examination board also takes place.

The processing time for the Bachelor's thesis comprises a total of 18 weeks for the design project and the Bachelor's thesis.

Themes and types

The Bachelor's thesis can be written as a scientific paper or as an artistic or technical-artistic paper.

The scientific thesis deals with a question in the form of a written paper, which is submitted with a length of approx. 80,000 characters. Exemplary topics: Game system analysis, conception and evaluation of game thinking applications or comparison of monetisation concepts and others.

The artistic or technical-artistic work consists of a workpiece, its visual presentation and an accompanying written documentation with a volume of approx. 30,000 characters. We recommend submitting this in the form of a so-called Art Book, in which the written part is integrated or attached as a separate written supplement. Exemplary topics: Visual development and production design for games, conception and implementation of module systems, game prototypes, conception and development of shaders and environments and more.