This seven-semester Bachelor's programme qualifies you to work in a developer studio or in other innovative areas of game or toy production. The programme offers 100% games in all modules as well as practical-productive teamwork in projects from the first semester. The programme begins in the winter semester. A qualified aptitude test decides on the allocation of 40 places per year.

It’s all about games

The focus of the course is on the conception, artistic design and technical implementation of game systems. We impart the entire know-how for the realisation of digital entertainment games. These can be classic video games in all facets, but also in the area of augmented reality and virtual reality, hybrid games, digital toys or playable environments. 

GAME DESIGN at HTW Berlin is a design course that combines art and technology in a new way. Game designers create and design game systems in a variety of forms and for a wide range of devices. The synthesis of artistic and technical trades requires numerous skills, which can be developed here in the tradition of the Werkkunstschulen.

Accordingly, we have very good spatial equipment with studio character and a studio environment. In this environment our students realise more than 30 games a year. They are guided and accompanied by experienced professors and lecturers. 

Theory and practice

Since 2009, we have designed and tested a teaching concept that combines theoretical teaching content with practical project work. A theoretical foundation for the systematic analysis and solution-oriented conception of games enables our graduates to think outside the box and leave well-trodden paths. At the same time, the high proportion of practical work guarantees the training of numerous soft skills in order to be able to successfully implement new ideas and methods in later professional life.