Study requirements

  1. Proof of suitability for the course of study by successfully passing the aptitude test
  2. General higher education entrance qualification (A-Level) or entrance qualification for studies at universities of applied sciences (advanced technical college entrance qualification) or subject-linked higher education entrance qualification (subject-related university entrance qualification) according to § 11 of the Berlin Higher Education Act (BerlHG)

A pre-study internship is not required. 

Study Game Design without A-Levels?

This is also possible. In addition to the Fachhochschulreife or the A-Level, a subject-linked study qualification for vocationally qualified persons is possible according to § 11 BerlHG.

Under certain educational and professional conditions, it is also possible to begin studying at a Berlin university without an A-Level or advanced technical college entrance qualification. However, special regulations apply here, which are explained in more detail on these pages.

By the way, other regulations apply in other federal states.