In the 5th semester, a specialised internship is carried out in a company. Companies in Berlin are a good choice, but of course the internship can also be completed nationwide or abroad.


The aim of the internship is to establish a close connection between studies and professional practice. On the basis of the knowledge acquired in the courses, application-related knowledge and practical experience should be imparted and the processing of concrete problems in the intended professional field of activity should be made possible under guidance. The specialised internship is intended to familiarise the students with professional reality. 

The practical work supervised by the higher education institution in the training places comprises a continuous period of at least 90 working days (18 weeks); it is subject to the working time regulations applicable there. These 18 weeks refer to the pure practical activity without the preparation of the report and without the evaluation. The specialised internship can be carried out in up to three sections, also in different training centres, but each section must last at least 4 weeks. As feedback on your performance, the company will issue you with a certificate. 

Where can I do a specialised internship?

The specialist internship shall be carried out in

  • Game development companies
  • Toy manufacturers
  • Game publishers
  • Companies in which games, game systems and gamification are used
  • Media production companies
  • Marketing and product management in industry and trade
  • Media agencies and publishers
  • Projects in connection with games, art and culture or similar companies / institutions

be completed.

Training plan

At the beginning of the practical training, you will draw up a training plan together with your training institution. This should contain and guarantee the following points:

  • Active participation under supervision in a field of work related to the topic of play
  • Taking on sub-tasks under one's own responsibility in order to gain initial independent experience on the basis of the knowledge acquired during the course of study
  • Getting to know related areas relevant to the main subject of study 
  • Gaining an overview of the field of activity in the area of game design or your field of specialisation