Modules & Orders

Semester 1 (basic studies)

B1Game and Play 1PStA610--
B2Art and Design 1PStA610--
B3Game Technology 1PStA45
B4Methods and Discourses WP25
Totals Semester0/1830

Semester 2 (basic studies)

B5Game and Play 2PStA610B1
B6Art and Design 2PStA610B2
B7Game Technology 2PStA45B3
Totals Semester4/1630

Semester 3 (specialised studies)

No.Module nameArtFormSWSLPNVEV
B9Project AWPPS815-B5, 6, 7
B10Game Technology 3PStA45B7-
B113D TechnologyPStA45-B1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
B12WP-Module 1WPStA45--
Totals Semester0/2030

Semester 4 (specialised studies)

No.Module nameArtFormSWSLPNVEV
B13Projekt BWPPS815-B9
B14Reflection on PlayPStA26--
B15WP-Module 2WPStA45--
B161. Foreign Language 1WP44--
Totals Semester0/1830

Semester 5 (practical studies)

No.Module nameArtFormSWSLPNVEV
B17Specialised InternshipP2290LP-
B17.1Evaluation of Experiences at the Workplace1--
B18WP-Module 3WPStA45--
B191. Foreign Language 2WP44-B16
Totals Semester0/931

Semester 6 (practical studies)

No.Module nameArtFormSWSLPNVEV
B20Projekt CWPPS815-B13
B21WP-Module 4WPStA45--
B22WP-Module 5WPStA45--
B23AWE Module 1WP22--
B24AWE Module 2WP22
Totals Semester0/2029

Semester 7 (practical studies)

No.Module nameArtFormSWSLPNVEV
B25Design ProjectWPPS515s. §12-
B26Bachelor´s ThesisP12s. §12-
B27Bachelor's Seminar and Final Oral Examination P3s. §12-
B27.1Bachelor's SeminarPS1--
Totals Semester0/630