This degree programme enables you to develop an individual profile in the field of tension between artistic design, systematic game design and technical development.

During their studies, our graduates have developed, in addition to generalist competences in the field of game design, an individual specialisation that does justice to their talents and interests and, most importantly, corresponds to the concrete job requirements of game development and related fields.

The student projects are the playing field for acquiring specific competencies and profile-typical skills. In the interdisciplinary teams you can test and deepen your desired specialisation.

In addition, you can also develop your profile within the accompanying lessons. In the 3rd, 4th and 6th semesters, you can develop specific competences in a total of five elective modules.

What can I combine?

A look at the curriculum helps you to distinguish between the compulsory modules and the compulsory elective modules. The combination of compulsory elective modules is freely selectable. You must choose a total of five modules with 5 credit points each. We can also recognise up to two modules from other degree programmes.  

Modules from computer science courses at HTW Berlin are recognised as Game Technology Specialisation 1 and Game Technology Specialisation 2. A good solution for students who want to develop a more computer science profile. 

Modules from other design degree programmes are recognised as Design Consolidation 1 and Design Consolidation 2. Other design degree programmes at HTW Berlin are Fashion Design, Industrial Design and Communication Design.

The departmental council can also decide on further module offerings within the learning areas or replace existing module offerings. Why do we do this? To always be able to react flexibly to new topics and current technical developments.

The modules "Service Learning Module" and "Learning through Teaching Module" are offered every semester without capacity. They are an extended recognition option for independently performed services beyond the possibilities of the AWE modules within the framework of the "Principles for the Curricular Integration of Voluntary Work in the Studies at the HTW Berlin" according to AS resolution 602/10.