Play Matters

The DE:HIVE at HTW Berlin combines research, teaching and entrepreneurship in a unique way. Researchers, founders, teachers and a total of over 180 students work together in the Connected Spaces on the topic of games and their social and artistic perspectives. With 2000 square metres of space, the DE:HIVE is one of the largest national and international GAME HUBs at a university.

Centre for Play, Art and Technology

The DE:HIVE creates a space for the topic of games, which is one of the most interesting and innovative fields of the 21st century, not only because it is now the largest cultural and entertainment market, but also because we deal with and negotiate many things in games that have a direct influence on our social as well as our personal lives. And it is precisely the clash between art, technology, business and the social aspects that makes the examination of game making so exciting and so necessary as an academic topic.

The focus of the DE:HIVE is on the extended and in-depth teaching, research and application of artistic and technical methods for the conception, design and realisation of games, game systems, sets of rules, toys and related interactive systems, as well as the transfer of game principles to other areas.