Application procedure for the Master

How do I get a place on the Game Design Master's programme?

This Master's degree programme at HTW Berlin is a restricted-admission programme. The programme requires conceptual and creative talent. That's why you have the chance to prove your suitability during the application process.

Admission requirements

The Master's degree programme is consecutive to the Bachelor's degree programme Game Design.

The selection committee decides on the comparability of first academic degrees. Possible courses of study are other artistic courses of study, design courses of study, architecture and in special cases also computer science courses of study, engineering courses of study, humanities courses of study.

Proof of suitability for a particular course of study is required for admission.

Aptitude test

The aptitude test is conducted once a year and usually takes place in the 4th quarter of each year. Applicants will be informed of the exact date of the aptitude test via the online aptitude test portal. In individual cases, the selection committee may decide on a retest date.

Applicants are admitted to the aptitude test if they can prove their suitability for the degree programme System Design through the documents submitted. The aptitude test is an examination interview and refers to the project description and other documents submitted for the application. 

The application documents submitted in the online aptitude test portal are stored on HTW Berlin servers.


Im Motivationsschreiben (ca. 1500 Zeichen) soll dargelegt werden, welche Ziele du mit dem Masterstudium Game Design erreichen willst. Erörtere dafür, welche Kompetenzen du mitbringst, welche du während des Studiums entwickeln willst und welchen beruflichen Weg du mit diesen beschreiten möchtest. Da Projektarbeit ein wesentlicher Bestandteil im Game Design ist, reflektiere auch welche Rollen du in einer möglichen Teamarbeit einnimmst und einnehmen willst.


The exposé should illustrate in text and images a project ideation for a possible project that could be carried out within the framework of the design projects. It should be approximately three A4 pages long. The project idea refers to the modules Game Design Project 1 and Game Design Project 2 and should contain at least the following points:

  • Title of the project idea,
  • Information on the chosen focus,
  • Brief outline of the project idea,
  • In-depth description of the content and subjects of the planned work,
  • Depictions such as photos, sketches, diagrams, etc,
  • Description of the planned procedure over the entire period of the work,
  • Details of the scope and listing of the planned results.

On-site aptitude test

If the submissions are evaluated successfully, you will be invited to the on-site aptitude test. 

The aptitude test is

  • a test interview with the selection committee (approx. 15 minutes) and
  • relates to the project description and
  • other documents submitted with the application.  

The selection committee is made up of professors and lecturers from the degree programme. 

First you will have an interview of up to 15 minutes with the selection committee. If you wish, you can bring further examples of your personal work to this interview. Essentially, we want to find out in the interview whether you can reflect on your intended activity and your work. Furthermore, it is also about working out what you expect from this degree programme and how you will contribute to the degree programme and the teams.